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SMS Go : Personalized SMS Premium service

With Sms Go*, offer your personal Premium SMS service !

With Sms Go*, Rentabiliweb allows you to create your own SMS Premium service in total interaction with your activity and site contents.

How does it work ?

  • You choose and book your keyword*
    SmsGo service demo
  • Your customers send the keyword with their alias (login/pass) to a premium number
  • You deal with the request and send the chosen message !*


Examples of use :

  • Deal with your virtual pets website (care, statistics, hibernation...).
  • Dedications, polls and voting (elections, hits, music...).
  • Thematic and practical information (news, weather, astronomy, stock exchange...).
  • Classifieds (datings, real estate...).
  • Great Deals (clubs, restaurants, concerts, exhibitions...).
  • Exchanges, discussions, chats...
  • ...

This highly original service will collect you additional incomes : each sms using your keyword is credited in real time to your account.


SmsGo service demo

Our SmsGo allows your customers to send messages with the keyword you book. In reply to this message, you can send personalized answers*.

To test our service, send RENTA to 71001
(The sms will be charged € 0.50 + SMS cost)

Your service will probably require that your customer sends a particular message after the keyword. You treat this message and the selected answer will be returned*.

To send us a message, you can send the keyword RENTA followed by your message to 71001
(The sms will be charged € 0.50 + SMS cost)

* Sms Go is a service only available in metropolitan France and Belgium, and it requires activation from our service.